Building Your Own Log Cabin

Are you interested in a life away from the city lights? If your answer is yes then you may also be interested in building a log cabin that gives you the right kind of mental peace and happiness. Living in a log cabin has been a dream for me since my childhood and this has meant that I have done an enormous amount of research on the same. In this log cabin blog, we will be discussing some of the essential things to consider before buying or building a log house for yourself.

The Land:

The first step in building your log home is getting the perfect site for the place. The best option is to consult with a professional realtor who will be able to take you through the entire process of finding the right land.

This may mean looking for access to water, checking the sewer lines in the vicinity and of course evaluating the soil in which you are planning to build your log home. In addition to this, you must be acquainted with the restrictions that may be present in the locality. For instance, there can be regulations relating to the material used f0or building the log home.

The Design Of The Log House:

While designing your log house you should consider the fact that the log house may not be a permanent residence for you. It may just be a weekend house kind of place. After that, there are important questions to answer regarding the number of rooms you will be requiring. Try and figure out the priorities of the family. Your wife may demand a large kitchen. At last, it is important for the design to fit the site you have selected for building the log house. You will always want a bit of space around the house which will be left for making a garden or a parking place.

The Wood That Will Be Used For Building The Log House:

When it comes to building log houses then there are various forms of wood that can be effectively used. The best thing to do is to consult a professional log house builder. Consulting with professionals before building the house can prove cardinal in selecting the best wood for your log cabin. There is nothing much to worry when it comes to building a log house and with a little bit of expert advice, you should be absolutely fine.

Green Logs or Dry Logs:

Green logs are the logs that contain a moisture content of at least 19 %. It is recommended that these logs are allowed to shrink to about ¾ inch every foot. This translates to around 6 %.

The shrinking takes a little bit of time and the logs generally shrink along the diameter. It is essential to know that dry logs also shrink. Having said that the amount of shrinkage is not as much as 6 %. There are many factors which determine the time taken for logs to shrink.